The Lonely CEO

So you are now at the top.  CEO!   President!   It’s a great feeling!  So then why do you feel that gnawing pressure…that unease?

Are you feeling the frustration and the unease of Change?

Are you feeling lonely because everyone thinks you know the answers?  Are the questions the right questions?

Where do you go next as a company…. not tomorrow morning but next month… and next year?

You need a plan.  You need to engage everyone else in the plan and in the process.  You need to share the load and put some of these challenges on the plates of everyone in the organization.  And you have to decide on the firm’s priorities.

Everyone has a commitment to the organization, right?  They all have ideas, right?  You hired them, directly or indirectly, right?

So build a plan for the future of the business and make your people a part of it.


Because a strategic plan helps the firm:

  • Prepare to respond to anticipated change;
  • Develops the capacity to cope with unexpected change; and
  • Creates and prepares the firm to execute proactive change.

All done in order to better serve your customers.

Keep the business viable and profitable and growing and responding effectively to change and keep everyone engaged in what the business is about and…make your life a little bit easier.

Build a Plan!

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